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Many more Health PDF'S coming...


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asd hb1 AmpBest ampsmoke


















      Yes, i had to pause and figure it out too  -  but that's what happens  everytime, IF you are


      Doesn't mean you are not intelligent, just slows you down in processing what you are reading.

      It shows up as a Brainwave imbalance  -  that can be re-balanced.



   *  My first clinical experience was with a lady who had a home office for her recruitment business, and her son who was

       in his 2nd to last year at high school. He was about to give up school, because the difficulty of reading his books to

       do assignments was getting too stressful.

   *  The Brainwave re balancing strategy worked immediately for both of them  -  the lady could do her do her office work

       now in a quarter of the time. Her son started a couple of hours homework for the first time, without the stress of

       processing what he was reading.



                If you are in perfect physical health, and balanced mental health.





                 If you may have some symptoms of DYSLEXIA, with perhaps mild difficulty in reading and

                 processing data.




                 Have Profound symptoms of DYSLEXIA, such as having to read over and over to make

                 sense, or every time you read, get sick in stomach or have a headache.





                  PEAK PERFORMANCE state, when wearing a Pyramid Pendant.


DBW1 DBW2 DBW3 AmpBest



   1.  For a balanced Mental State  -  we need the High Beta for mental processing and the Low Delta and

       Theta Brainwaves for intuition, creativity and lateral thinking.



    2.  As well as this, normally there is also plenty of ALPHA brainwaves in between  -  that communicates

         and facilitates the High number crunching frequencies with the Low understanding frequencies.

    3.  What is common with DYSLEXIC people  -  is that this ALPHA frequency seems very small in

         Amplitude  -  as shown in the middle 2 diagnostics.

    4.  That is probably the reason for difficulty in processing and understanding data quickly. Such a simple

         Brainwave imbalance  -  nothing else. Could have been caused by a TOXIN entering the Brain and

         disturbing Hypothalamus Master Gland function.

    5.  SOLUTION  -  is to absorb a BALANCED Brainwave pattern from a PYRAMID PENDANT.






alpha AmpBest 4p7a


  *  DYSLEXIA is more common than people think, with many not yet diagnosed.

  *  It is not a disease or needing medication  -  but may still be a low order symptom of neural toxicity in the brain.

  *  These days, being exposed to many Toxins, including Synthetic Chemicals in food such as preservatives and artificial

      sweetners  -  overburden the Brain's own Glial type Immune cells. Inflammation can develop, and Hypothalamus function

      can be affected. It may develop slowly over years, but inititial disturbance may be enough to unbalance brainwaves.

  *  I once read an autobiography by Richard Branson, and how he started in business. He didn't mention that he had

     DYSLEXIA  -  but read about that in another report. He was so distressed at his reading difficulty, that he used to pay

     people to read business contracts for him  -  and then use his gut feeling to make decisions.

  *  We are living in an age of high technology  -  but also high toxicity. Our bodies are very sensitive to both a billionth

      of a drop of virus  -  and equally responds to a healing energy from Nature  -  PYRAMID ENERGY.


      Oww.............................                                             Oww.............

      RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS                                       is a weird horrible pain.

      I suddenly got it 12 years ago,                                probably from a TOXIN

      weakening my IMMUNE SYSTEM.

      As soon as I fixed that  -  my RA went, and never returned.



  *  So Painful, and yet so easily Relieved  -  RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS is an IMMUNE SYSTEM Dysfunction.

  *  Previously, a Healthy Diet could strengthen the Immune System  -  but nowadays, being exposed to so many TOXINS,

      including Synthetic Chemicals in food  -  when some of them get into the Brain  -  they can disturb the HYPOTHALAMUS

      Master Gland.

  *  The HMG initiates the production of Immune cells  -  so if it isn't working properly  -  then improving Immune function

      becomes challenging.

  * I got RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS very suddenly, and no one could tell me why  -  just that it can come at any age, and I

      was 60 then. One sporty person in my aromatherapy class had RA at 27, and a leader of a famous rock band had to take

      a break also at 26, but no one believed it was because of RA.

  *  It can start just in one finger or thumb, as it did with my sister interstate. When I sent her my latest Pendant, it had the

      properties of a rare essential oil encoded into it that targets Inflammation  -  so takes my Pendant to an extra level

      of healing. My sister sent me a text message back when she received my Pendant  -  delighted that the pain in her

      thumb had gone straight away.

  *  When I had RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS it was a very weird and horrible pain. It was painful to bend down and go up and

     down stairs. It was just before I was researching PYRAMID ENERGY  -  so I used anti bacterial, anti viral, and anti

      inflammatory essential plant oils. I rubbed a few drops of these on my legs a couple of times a day. It must have

      knocked out enough TOXINS to  strengthen my Immune System  -  and the worst of my pain went.

  *  RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS is the same as not catching a cold or flu, or having any other ongoing pain  -  they can all

      be PREVENTED if the IMMUNE SYSTEM is up to par.

  *  This, of course depends entirely on the HYPOTHALAMUS  -  not being disturbed by TOXINS.

  *  Nature's PYRAMID ENERGY which we absorb from a Pyramid Pendant is Revolutionary  -  and why shouldn't it be

      -  it is PURE NATURE.

 *  The fact that a billionth of a speck of TOXIN can disrupt our Master Gland  -  why wouldn't a tiny amount of PYRAMID

     ENERGY be able to Rejuvenate it?

 *  We are so conditioned in the notion that every Health issue has to be fixed by a man made treatment  -  when NATURE

    can actually help PREVENT it.




    A Simple SUPERFOOD HOT DOG Snack, is a perfect

    example of how you can include your favourite food,

    and still have lots of REAL NUTRIENTS and not oo

    many calories.


    Just cut up a franfurt and add to some SUPERFOOD.


     It becomes a very tasty light meal, easy and quick to make, if you already

     have a large bowl of ready made SUPERFOOD in the fridge.



      You finished your pack of cigarettes last night, and have just had your morning coffee

       and proud of yourself  -  you didn't have the usual cigarette or two, with it.


       Without any planning or thought, you find yourself putting on your shoes

       -  and off to the corner store TO BUY SOME SMOKES.








      1.  VISUALISE yourself actually having a cigarette  -  see yourself lighting it,

            inhaling and having a puff, and tasting and smelling the aroma, and

            feeling the cigarette between your fingers. Conrary to common belief,

            using willpower and telling your brain NOT to smoke  -  doesn't work, for

            the simple reason that the Brain doesn't store negative instructions very

            well  -  but it does store positive instructions, into deep memory. What you

            have done here, is the same as with food cravings  -  you have tricked your

            brain into thinking that you have actually had a smoke.

       2.  Have a meal or snack, to give your body a sense of fulfillment and not

            craving for anything.

       3.  Close your eyes and lie down for at least 20 minutes.

       4.   VISUALISE yourself smoking again, a couple of minutes will do.

       5.   Have a drink of something, even water  -  to put something into your

             mouth, and help avert habit of having a smoke in your mouth.

       6.   This should last for a while  -  and when urge to have a smoke returns  -

             quickly do a VISUALISATION  -  even a few seconds is enough.



      *  MENTAL TELEPATHY is a Real, Practical Tool.

      *  Essentially it is using your own MINDPOWER

          to COMMUNICATE with

          -  your own cells for healing and goals

          -  someone else, or even group of people

          -  the whole planet, or Universe as it is often described.

       *   To be able to do this most effectively, it helps to have

            your Brainwaves balanced, and in particular have

            plenty of the Lower 2 frequencies of Delta and Theta.

       *   They are the ones that relate to COMMUNICATION,



telepathy-620x330 AmpBest


          *  Once you are in this BALANCED Brainwave state  -  your MENTAL THOUGHTS are able to be

              transferred to whatever location and purpose.

          *  You may want your Immune cells to heal a bruise or infection  -  so you direct your thoughts at this

              location. Or, you may have some  specific goal or outcome that you desire  -  so you focus on that


          *   If there is a specific person that you want to transfer some special thoughts to, whether closeby or

               further away  -  you focus on that person and what you want to communicate to them. Have you ever

               thought of a special person in your life, and suddenly the phone rings and it is them?

          *  This is the exciting TELEPATHIC part that does work  -  you CAN communicate with someone just by

              mental thoughts. My first experience of this was when I was at a seminar  -  and I said hello to the

               lady standing next to me at morning tea. I said Hello Sonia  -  and she looked at me shocked. She

                said her name was Susan  -  but she was just thinking about her daughter Sonia. I had picked up her

                mental thoughts.

          *    This TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION is just so exciting and useful.  I use it every day in my life.

                e.g. the other day my landlady was going to come by and collect my monthly rent  -  so I sent her

                my best wishes  -  that she was a beautiful lady, and that I wanted her to be happy and friendly when

                she called in. Lo and behold she arrived with a bag of grapes and watermelon. We are still having

                extreme hot weather, and that was a very kind gesture. She works in her company office 5 days a

                week, and is in her early 70's.

          *    You can use this TELEPATHIC feature over any distance, and for any purpose. Just focus on the

                person and the thought you want to send to them e.g. you may simply want your usually grumpy

                boss at work to be nice and friendly to you. You will be blown away, when you arrive at work and

                welcomes you with open arms, like a long lost cousin.

         *   When you form your thoughts, it is imperative that you VISUALISE the outcome and feel what it is

             you desire to communicate  -  not just a simple thought or statement  -  but as if it is actually

              happening. The bottom 2 brainwaves affect the LIMBIC area of the brain that deals with emotion  -

              and that is what you want to convey  -  not just bland statements or thoughts.

         *   These 2 brainwaves also communicate with the universe  -  so if you want to attract solutions or ideas

              for a creative project or important task  -  they will come to you automatically  -  if you have put the

              thought out for the universe to find them.

        *   Einstein was known to get up at 3 a.m. and start writing down mathematical formulas  -  as they        

             appeared in his mind  -  he didn't calculate anything  -  they just came to him from the universe.

        *   You need to always try to maintain a positive mental state  -  to achieve your own goals and influence

             others in a positive way  -  and attract people to you.

        *   See yourself as you wish to be -  see others as you wish them to be  -  and see conditions as you wish

             them to be.


   LONGEVITY-  increasing your LIFESPAN needs 2 things

   1.  Including enough REAL NUTRIENTS in your Diet.

   2.  PREVENTING your HYPOTHALAMUS Master Gland

        getting disturbed by TOXINS.


    To accelerate or TURBOCHARGE this happening  -  so that you know that you


    are indeed in full swing of ongoing Health  -  use a PYRAMID LASER.





   *  REAL NUTRIENTS are fresh green vegetables  -  SUPERFOOD is best, because you just need to add

       some to your meals, and it really doesn't matter then what else you eat, because all food we buy contain

        Synthetic Chemicals.

   *  Every one of our trillions of cells needs REAL NUTRIENTS  -  and much of the food we eat these days

       are filler food  -  very low in REAL NUTRIENTS.

   *  We can't stay healthy if we don't get enough REAL NUTRIENTS. Doctors are already predicting that in

       the next generation  -  that the main cause of ill health will be lack of green vegetables.

   *  Behind the top of the nose, in the middle of the brain is an almond size organ called the HYPOTHALAMUS

       -  that initiates the production of special cells such as Hormones and Immune cells  -  so it essentially

       controls our Health.

   *  While wearing a Pyramid Pendant keeps Rejuvenating the HYPOTHALAMUS, remembering that TOXINS

       will keep getting to the Brain  -  intensely directing PYRAMID ENERGY to the HYPOTHALAMUS with a

       PYRAMID LASER  -  will ensure you are keeping on top of it.

   *  You  only need to do this for a few minutes a couple of times a day.

   *  I am nearly 75  -  and am planning MY NEXT 50 YEARS of life!


    * TOXINS IN OUR BLOOD is a serious way of how

       DISEASE spreads around our body e.g. Leukemia, or

       CANCER in the blood being the worst.

     * This then means that Cancer can spread to other areas

       and Organs in the body.

     * IF we can PREVENT the HYPOTHALAMUS Master Gland

       from getting Dysfunctional  -  then we can PREVENT any

       TOXINS from developing, and spreading from the bone

       marrow, where Blood cells are formed.

     * Wearing a Pyramid Pendant helps Rejuvenate the HYPOTHALAMUS  -  so that

        it is able to maintain the IMMUNE SYSTEM  -  to PREVENT TOXINS

        developing in our Blood.

blood TOXINS H


    *  Being a TEENAGER is the most beautiful and

        precious time of life  -  as you approach

        Adulthood, where you will be for the rest of

        your life.

    *  You have much to learn, explore, and compare

        from your friends around you and on social media.

    *  But most of all  -  you want to feel happy and

        confident about how you feel and look.



   *  You take a lot of notice of what other teens are wearing on social media, maybe not realising it is only

       one special outfit that they have bought to impress  -  and the rest of their clothes could be very drab

       and boring.

   *  You are very conscious of what they are saying  -  especially any comments about you. They may know

       very little about you  -  yet may say things about you that are not very nice. This often means that they

       are insecure about themselves  -  and even jealous of how confident and fantastic a person you really are.

   *  Are the people wanting to be friends with you, going to stay true and loyal friends  -  or maybe later turn

       out to be dishonest and not worth knowing?

   *  How safe is it to accept flirtations from the opposite gender  -  especially if they ask you to send them

       naked photos of yourself? Remember that anything that goes up on the internet can be grabbed or

       shared with others and later used to embarrass you.

   *  You are at a vulnerable age, with changing Hormones, and your development doesn't actually mature

       until the late 20's  -  when hormones and brain development is at its balanced peak.

   *  So your thoughts and outlook will dramatically change over the next few years  -  as you learn more

       about yourself and the people you meet.

   *  PERCEPTION is a key factor  -  of how things seem  -  but not necessarily how they really are. It is fine

       to keep up appearances of how you feel and look  -  but are you really true to yourself.

   *  DEPRESSION is common even at these teenage years-  and can lead to weight gain, feelings of insecurity

       and not knowing how to cope  -  when you haven't done anything wrong.

   *  FAKE NEWS is becoming more comon these days  -  both from people and advertisers trying to sell you

       something that is really not what they claim to do. Don't believe everything people say  -  without

        taking some effort to verify what they say  -  if it sounds too good to be true  -  then it probably isn't.

   *  The bottom line is that you are want to feel and look good and be confident about yourself  -  so keep

       looking, learning and evaluating everything you come across  -  but above all be true to yourself  -

       knowing that you are a worthwhile person  -  and are not going to be pulled down by anyone.





     *  Can be a fashion statement, just like short haircuts.

    *  Can be a personal turn on, probably because you can see

         more detail, otherwise hidden by hair.

     *  Are more Hygienic  -  with less chance of contracting sexually transmitted

        diseases  -  hence preffered by sex workers.

    *  It is all a matter of what your personal preference is. Generally, more hair on

        the head and the pubes is more attractive.



    MUSIC THERAPY has long been used to improve Health.


    One effective example is this 1 hour Music CD, which I

    had made, originally to help improve my mother's sleep.


    I can Email a digital copy to anyone who would like one.


    *  I once bought a CD from a prominent psychiatrist, electronic sound at the Low DElta frequency.

    *  It seemed o.k. and I could see that he was using the notion that this was the deepest relaxing frequency,

        which would help people sleep.

    *  I wasn't happy though, that putting in just one brainwave frequency  -  would also unbalance the

        homeostasis of the whole brainwave condition  -  especially Hypothalamus function and Hormone

        production. But that was what his treatments were based on  -  using a specific line of action to treat a

        specific symptom, without too much regard for any side effects.

     *  This was also the time i was working with my first Brainmaster unit and laptop  -  taking QEEG

         measurements of as many people as I could.

     *  I'd get people to put on a pair of headphones and listen to my Peak Performance

         music CD as I looked at the Brainwave patterns  - which were almost as good as

         the ones from wearing a Pyramid Pendant a  few years later.

     *  I had a local sound studio, ATLAB  -  put on 5 layers of sound, one from each of

         the frequencies of Delta, Theta, Alpha, High Beta, and very high Gamma.

     *  The final product was a smooth, relaxing, electronic sound  -  with no instrumentals, nature sounds, or

         anything else. I tested quite a lot of people  -  some with headphones,others playing this sound CD on a

         CD player.

     *  I tested it on:

         PRESCHOOL age children  -  which worked brilliantly on 2 year olds in their afternoon sleep session.

         INFANTS age  -  who found it calming.

         PRIMARY AGE  -  which helped them settle in class after a lunch break. Also SPECIAL SCHOOLS, where

         children were better able to focus on their tasks.

         HIGH SCHOOL AGE  -  students were able to concentrate for longer

         UNIVERSITY AGE  -  where I took a group of 20 and gave them each a pair of headphones and an mp3

         player, about 3 weeks before their exams. They studied for an hour, and then each gave me their

         feedback. All said that they were able to focus better, and able to easier commit data to memory, without

         having to read over and over the same material. A couple even said that this was the first time ever, that

         they were even able to concentrate on exam study. I gave them a copy of the CD which they could make

         their own copies.

         And of course, ADULT AGE  -  where Health professionals and therapists all said they wanted to buy a

         copy  -  chiropractors, massage therapists and Yoga teachers.

     *  I even did live radio interviews  -  for 15 minutes, where I also brought with me a live testimonial  -  of

         someone who had used the CD and explained how it helped them. My phone started ringing within a few

         minutes into the interview, and my assistant was taking orders from people wanting to buy one. I even

         had one chap who wanted to buy one, to relax peacefully, because he was dying from Cancer.

     *  This CD was certainly a true music therapy tool.

     *  The secret to its effectiveness was getting balanced brainwaves  -  similar to wearing a Pyramid Pendant.



     BURNS can be effectively treated with essential oil of

     BLUE CHAMOMILE  -  because it is anti-Inflammatory.

     If it is a serious burn  -  also add THYME, to prevent

     any infection.


tv bc1


    *  My personal worst experience, was when I accidentally tipped over a large pot of boiling water on a stove,

        all over my arm, from my wrist to my elbow.

    *  Luckily, I always had a small jar of my own burns cream with me  -  to rub some some on my bald head

        when I was outside. I could stay up to 20 minutes in direct sunlight  -  and not end up with any blisters.

    *  BLUE CHAMOMILE contains natural AZULENE which is anti inflammatory  -  interestingly a blue colour.

    *  I rubbed my burns cream on my burnt arm, especially one area that was quite deep.

    *  Later, I made up a new batch of burns cream, adding a few drops of THYME essential oil to help prevent

        any infection, because it is highly anti bacterial. I applied this new burns cream twice daily, and bandaged

        my arm.

    *  2 weeks later  -  my whole arm had healed  -  with no sign of any blisters or scars, just a little bit more to

        heal in the deep burns area, that took another week or so to completely heal.

    *  Applying burns cream as soon as possible after getting a burn, means it is possible to prevent any burns

        blisters or any indication that a burn was ever there.

    *  it would be worthwhile to have a jar made up as part of a home 1st AID kit.


    INSECT BITES are effectively treated with BENZOIN essential oil.

    It has very powerful cell healing properties.

    Just apply neat, from the bottle, Or mix up a few drops in any

    vegetable oil or moisturiser cream.



   *  BENZOIN is one of the really special essential oils  -  because it regenerates cell tissue.

   *  It is actually a resinoid, very thick and has a beautiful fragrance  -  often needing to warm up to get it out

       of the bottle. Interestingly, it is collected in jam tins, hung underneath a cut in the bark of a tree. It oozes

       out, just like a human ulcer  -  and is actually effective for treating ulcers.

    *  It gives immediate relief for all insect bites  -  just rub it on neat, straight from the bottle -  or mix a few

        drops into any vegetable oil, or moisturiser cream.

    *  Other skin conditions, such as cuts and bruises, where there is skin damage also benefit.

    *  I always make sure I have a bottle in my 1st Aid kit.

    *  My classic case was treating friend who got a white tailed spider bite on her knee. These bites quickly

        develop into ulcers  -  that can result in amputations, if not able to be fixed.

    *  I mixed up some skin cream with several drops of BENZOIN.

    *  Seeing that an ulcer was already developing, I also added Blue Chamomile for Inflammation, and Thyme

        oil for anti bacterial properties and preventing Infection. I just wanted as strong a blend as possible.

     *  Within minutes  -  an ulcerous hole was developing on the knee  -  and a green infection was oozing out.

     *  This continued for about 2 or 3 days  -  then stopped.

     *  After a few more days  -  the ulcerous hole started shrinking  -  and in 2 weeks was completely gone.



       -  one of several ways people use to cope.

   *  It can happen by a GUT FEELING of how much you want to EAT,

   *  It can also be fixed by a GUT FEELING  -  as in INTUITION, of

       WHAT you know you can do to FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF.

    *  Below, is one very powerful PHYSICAL, and one MENTAL strategy that helps.



   *  Our DIGESTIVE SYSTEM is very complex  - with many interactions between Toxins, Healthy Bacteria,

       Immune cells and Hormones.

    *  Eventually TOXINS accumulate and upset the balance, and especially the Appetite Hormones. This, of

        course, can be a significant physical factor, causing EATING DISORDERS  -  and its not your fault.

    *  I once read a book by a lady doctor, who experimented with the effects of GINGER on the DIGESTIVE

       SYSTEM  -  on Mice. She found out 2 things:

    1. That GINGER helps with Digestion of food, partly by increasing blood circulation in that area.

    2. That GINGER balances APPETITE HORMONES  -  so that there is no craving for more food, or desire to

         eat less. This, of course is a significant revelation.

    *  If you include GINGER root in some of your meals, it will help balance


    *  If you can't think of enough meals to use GINGER, or don't like its taste,

        there is a more novel and powerful method.

    *  If you have a quartz crystal  -  put a few drops of GINGER ESSENTIAL OIL on it. It will absorb

       the frequencies of the properties of GINGER permanently  - you only have to do this once. It is much like

        the early quartz computer chips stored information. GINGER essential oil is very cheap. Stick it in the

        side of your sock, and you will be astounded at the balancing effect it has on your appetite.

     *  The best way  -  is to put a drop of GINGER ESSENTIAL OIL on each of your Pyramid Crystals on your

          Pyramid Pendant.

      *  Now you will have the most powerful EATING DISORDER PENDANT in the world!

      *  While it is not a treatment, it sure as heck helps.

      *  On the MENTAL side, as brain scans show  -  wearing a Pyramid Pendant

          sets up Peak condition for HORMONE Rejuvenation  -  which will also help

          restore the Appetite Hormones.

      *  So along with putting GINGER essenntial oil on your Pendant  -  you now

          have a really powerful tool.

       *  The final benefit  -  is that the Pyramid Pendant also Rejuvenates Neurons

           in the LIMBIC area of the Brain -  that deals with feelings and emotions,

           giving you a more balanced emotional state  -  and positive outlook on life.

       *  This is a critical factor in helping you feel good about yourself.

ginger root eoginger AmpBest


   *  ACUPUNCTURE is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

       using thin Acupuncture needles to tap into Energy Channels

       in our body  -  that get blocked and cause Health issues.

   *  It is not meant as a stand alone treament  -  but is useful for

       many ailments such as back pain.



  *  I once did an Acupuncture course at UTS University, where it is a 4 year degree course.

  *  I did not choose to make it a career occupation, when I realised that on its own  -  it had limitations

      to what Health issues it could be used for. It is really meant to be used in conjunction with other Health

      practitioners, such as doctors and Herbalists.

  *  While I no longer use Acupuncture  -  I have remembered some useful information  -  e.g. If I have a sore

      throat, I use whatever other options I have to stimulate my digestive system. Reason is that the stomach

      Acupuncture energy channel goes directly to the back of the throat.

   *  Interestingly, in western Medicine   -  the streptococcae bacteria in Tonsillitis or sore throat  -  is also one

      of the many bacteria in the Stomach.

   *  ACUPUNCTURE can be a welcome alternative to a nagging condition, working within half an hour.


    *  HEALING GURUS are a special breed of people that are in

        incredible GOOD HEALTH.

    *  They TRANSFER this to a Patient by putting their Hands

        by their HEAD  -  to TRANSFER their BRAINWAVE PATTERNS.

    *  The patient then heals  -  WHILE THEIR BRAINWAVES are in this BALANCED

        pattern  -  with their own body's resources.



  *  HEALING GURUS BRAINWAVE Patterns would look like this  -  balanced, high

      amplitude Brainwave frequencies.

  *  Only about 3/4 of perfect as that when wearing a Pyramid Pendant  -  but very

      impressive, for achieving this with Meditation, even if it took 20 years to do.

  *  This brainwave pattern is what a lady patient who fell off her push bike may have

      looked. I have lost the original black and white ones.

  *  Story started in late 1970's, when 2 Englishmen, one a high rated Meditation guru,

      and the other an electronics engineer, who had just invented a machine to

      measure Brainwaves.

  *  This was a major event, so they organised a weekend seminar in Canada.

  *  They called the new machine the Mind Mirror,  and measured everyone's Brainwave pattern, including

      some Healing Gurus who also came to the seminar.

  *  They all had spectacular Brainwaves  -  high amplitude, and including bottom 2 Delta  and Theta.

  *  Then the lady with the hurt knee asked if a guru could help her  -  but they were both asked to be

      connected up to a mindmirror machine before starting.

  *  As expected, the lady's brainwaves were low amplitude, and mainly high frequency Beta  -  the guru of

      course had the spectacular Brainwave pattern.

  *  The guru was asked to place his hands on her head  -  and immediately her patterns changed  -  to

      exactly the same as his.

  *  This explains how they are able to do hand healing  -  it is no longer a mystery. Because of his

      incredible Health  - confirmed by his Brainwave patterns  -  he transfers his healthy Brainwave

      pattern to his patient  -  whose own body is then able to heal itself.



   * We all get GASTROENTERITIS a few times over

      our lifetime.

   * TOXINS cause Infection & Inflamation.

  *  Because of the Diarrhoea we need to drink

       plenty of Water to replace the lost Fluids.

   *  4 strategies can quickly help Relieve discomfort:

      1.  Rub on a few drops of GINGER essential

           oil over the Stomach to settle it.

      2.  Rub on THYME essential oil to knock out TOXINS.

      3.  Hold a PYRAMID against the top of the nose  -  one from a Pendant helps.

      4.  If you have a PYRAMID LASER  -  rub it around the area of pain, and it will

           Relieve ALL Discomfort within a couple of minutes.

eoginger Gastroenteritis tv PL1


    *  Many people have tried SMOKING POT at least once

        in their life.  

    *  Some smoke it occasionally, in a social setting.

    *  Some smoke it daily, like an addiction.

    *  Only POSITIVE benefit is to ease PAIN for CANCER sufferers.

    *  Effects on people partly depends on whether it is grown naturally, or has

       strong chemicals added during growing time.

    *  Some people like it, others don't.

    *  Smoking it at parties is like drinking alcohol  -  a social event  -  and effects

        will wear off hours later  -  and no great harm.

    *  Smoking continuously has many harmful effects  -  by staying in the blood,

        unbalancing Hormones, and creating Mental issues.

    *  Bottom line is that the active ingredient is a TOXIN not a Nutrient.



    *  NEVERAGEING becomes desirable when you start seeing

        wrinkles and start having Health issues.

    *  They can be PREVENTED  -  only if you can PREVENT the

        HYPOTHALAMUS Master Gland being disturbed by TOXINS.

    *  The Hypothalamus is the computer chip of the brain, that

        controls our Health. It receives electrical messages from

        Central Nervous System telling it where and what needs

         fixing. Then it sends chemical instructions to other Master

         Glands and Organs of which special cells to produce, such

         Hormones and Immune cells.

     *   SKIN can become tight quickly, wrinkle free  -  because top layer gets

          replaced every 2 weeks by growing layer underneath. The Hormones that

         extract Nutrients from food, and send them to the SKIN - can be quickly

         rejuvenated  -  if the Hypothalamus is functional.

     *   Excess Body shape and Weight can be restored to normal  -  also if FAT

          control Hormones are rejuvenated by the HYPOTHALAMUS.

     *   ALL AGEING signs can be PREVENTED  -  by absorbing NATURE'S

          PYRAMID ENERGY from a Pyramid Pendant.

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              My 2 main memories of when I got rid of my Pot belly was  -

              1.  I did the Weight Loss with 3 colleagues from work, weighing ourselves Daily and

                   writing down our progress. This was highly motivational, and helped me to not be

                   tempted by the sight or smell of other food.

              2.  We stopped, as a group, because the lady member had reached her goal of trimming

                   down 2 dress sizes for an upcoming engagement  -  and this was despite several

                   breaks she took to have burger or pizza nights.

              I lost 18 kg / 40 lb and was determined to stay taught and trim.  





                            BODY SHAPE is what we really need and desire  -  to LOOK YOUNGER.

                            *  I see several people around me or on TV, that have lost their youthful look,

                                replaced by a blurbed out frumpy one. They either don't know how they can

                                restore their youthful look, or don't care.

                            *  The really sad part is that this is starting to happen at a much earlier age.

                            *  The ROOT CAUSE of course, is that our bodies start accumulating FAT and

                                TOXINS that the LIVER couldn't break down.

                            *  DIET and EXERCISE isn't going to remove them  -  but NATURE has the 2

                                essentil oils that can.

                            *  It is not our fault that the food we buy contain so many Synthetic Chemicals,

                                and no one is yet offering a solution to the Obesity dilemma  -  but we

                                deserve to stay YOUNGER LOOKING.













      CANCER starts as an INFLAMMATION.

      *  INFLAMMATION can be caused by TOXINS, and even chronic STRESS

          and DEPRESSION.

      *  These 2 lifestyle factors can be PREVENTED  -  but we can't Prevent TOXINS

          in our body.

      *  The organ that initiates the production of IMMUNE Cells, to PREVENT

          INFLAMMATION  -  is the HYPOTHALAMUS Master Gland in the Brain.

      *  But if TOXINS disrupt its function, then we are rooted, because it may happen before we are

          aware that INFLAMMATION has already occurred.

      *  AND Medical treatment is challenging if we don't know which specific TOXIN has  caused it.

         Also, most drugs can't penetrate the Blood Brain Barrier, because their molecules are too


      *  Treating the area of CANCER may help, if discovered early enough  -  but the TOXIN may be

          circulating in the blood, and keep creating more CANCER.

      *  CANCER is not really decreasing, partly because Life Stresses can trigger INFLAMMATION,

          and the HYPOTHALAMUS can be disrupted by TOXINS at any time.

      *  TOXINS can appear from 4 sources;

          1.  From an excess that accumulate in everyone's SMALL INTESTINE, sooner or later.

          2.  From the billions that are stored in our FAT cells if we are overweight.

          3.  From Synthetic Chemicals, such as Preservatives and Artificial Sweetners that are in all

               the food we buy.

          4.  From breathing in, from the environment  -  and enter via the mucosal passage at the

               top of the nose, that leads directly into the Brain through a gap in the Blood Brain Barrier.

      *  The fact that CANCER keeps occurring without any warning or symptoms  -  indicates that

          it is not going to be PREVENTED.

      *  I can give one personal experience of using the BRACELET  -  that it may possibly help

         -  but emphasise that in no way do I suggest  -  that it is a treatment:

      *  Not long ago I had a very stressful few months  -  and saw a couple of moles on my face

          suddenly appear, and grow in size very quickly. I took this as a sign that I could possibly

          have CANCER.

      *  This is what led me to do some quick and intensive research  -  to see if I could find any

          natural resources that could eliminate INFLAMMATION. This is when I found the 2 essential

          oils  -  that are encoded in the BRACELET.

      *  I tried dabbing some directly onto the moles, which seemed to help a little. I knew though,

          that if it was CANCER, that the moles were only an external symptom, and that the CANCER

          would be circulating in the blood.

      *  That is why I encoded the oils into the quartz crystal on the BRACELET. The crystal energy

          magnified the oil properties many hundreds of times, and transmitted them through my body

          including blood circulation.

      *  Each day, the moles decreased in size  -  and after about a week  -  disappeared completely

          from my face.

      *  Whatever the moles were a symtom of  -  it shows how powerful the BRACELET is in

          addressing TOXINS and INFLAMMATION.

      *  Again, I emphasise that the BRACELET is not a treatment for any medical condition  - but

         Nature's gift in helping us stay Healthy.





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